Black & Brave Wrestling Academy


"Our goal at Black & Brave Wrestling Academy is simple; to train young men and women to become better wrestlers, better athletes, and most importantly, better people. If you work harder than everyone else, you'll be better than everyone else. It's as simple as that." - Nick Morrill

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  • Wow Colby i love what u r doing made a school for people to have a chance to make their dream come true u and Nick

    Tammy R Curtis on
  • GO TAOS!!!!!

    Aubrey on
  • Seth Freaking Rollins, looking foward to working out in that gym one day maybe even together!

    mark beltran on
  • Great job Progenex with your promotion of The Black and the Brave! Makes me an even bigger fan of yours

    Teren on
  • Keep up the good work with black and brave I always will support this because it’s amazing thank you Colby lopez and nick.

    LAUREN on

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