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When it comes to nutrition, I’m always learning.  But, I do have a general idea of how I should eat to perform. I’m constantly looking for ways to eat healthier and get the most nutrients out of what I eat. Since I had surgery on my ankle, I’m more conscious about what I eat and I try to cut out any unnecessary sugars from my diet. I want to eat as high anti-inflammatory as possible so my ankle can heal faster and I can get back on the competition floor!

I’m thankful for my nutritionist, Adee Zukier, who I’ve been working with since right around the Open of last year. She has taught me exactly how much I need to eat in order to get the most out of my performance. Before her, I was scared of carbs and ate paleoish (high fat/ low carbs).  Since working with her I am low fat/ high carbs. I follow a macronutrient diet and eat according to the macros she gives me – which we constantly adjust based off how I’m feeling. My macros have gone down since I’ve had surgery because I’m not training nearly as much as I was leading up to the 2016 Games. For now, they are 155 grams protein / 280 grams carbs / 76 grams fat.

This is what a typical day might look like for me…


3 Progenex Fish Oils

2 Eggs + 1 Egg White + 2 Chicken Breakfast Sausage Trader Joe’s or Turkey Bacon + lots of veggies + Oatmeal

Oatmeal = 1 Serving Oats + Almond Butter + Berries or Half Banana + Cinnamon + 10g Progenex PB Smash More Muscle + Almond Milk + Cinnamon + drizzle of heavy whipping cream on top


4 ounces meat or fish (I try to stay away from red meat because it’s high in fats, but might eat it 1 to 2 times a week) + 1 Serving Rice + Guacamole + Veggies or Salad

Post Training:

1 Scoop Progenex More Muscle Cookies & Cream + 2 Scoops Progenex Build

Mid-Day Snack:

Greek Yogurt + Berries + Granola


Similar to lunch, but might switch to sweet potatoes instead of rice and do different fats.

Snack after Dinner:

Depends how many macros I have left.  Maybe popcorn with butter, a green smoothie, or some cereal with almond milk and heavy cream.

3 Progenex Fish Oils

This is mainly what I try to eat every day. Even though I follow macros, I still happen to stray off track every now and then like the typical person because I’m not perfect! I love going out to eat a nice dinner and I especially enjoy my sweets!

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