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In early 2009, when we were just starting to put together a business plan for Progenex, we were introduced to Elias Karras at EFT in Chicago. We sent unflavored product to Elias, which he sampled to his NFL & NBA clients. The results from their initial tests have led to a six year relationship between Progenex and EFT that continues to flourish.

Each year since that first initial EFT opportunity, Progenex provides a full- array of its products to the NFL hopefuls, as they prepare for the NFL Draft. After the completion of their seasons, top college football players train 8-10 weeks for the NFL Combine and their respective Pro Days where they showcase their athleticism in a series of pre-set tests. To prepare their athletes, EFT combines Progenex supplements with proven training methodologies. Here are the average EFT results from 11 players that made NFL rosters this year:


  • 40 yard dash: -0.35 seconds
  • 10 yard split: -0.2 seconds
  • 225 Bench reps: +5.5 reps
  • Vertical Jump: +4.0 inches
  • Broad Jump: +7.5 inches
  • Short Shuttle: -0.22 seconds
  • 3-Cone Drill: -0.3 seconds


  • Average Muscle Mass Increase: +8.13 LBS
  • Average Body Fat Decrease: -4.75%

The above are remarkable results for anyone, let alone college athletes at their physical prime coming off a full season of training and conditioning. Being able to add this sort of muscle mass in such a short period of time is nothing short of outstanding.

EFT athletes start their mornings with a serving of Progenex More Muscle and 3 capsules of Omega+. Before beginning their grueling 4 hour training session, they take a serving of Force. Following their training, each athlete has a serving of Recovery mixed with Build. They finish their day with a serving of Cocoon. This supplement regimen helps each athlete maximize their gains, perform each workout at the peak of their capability, and expedite recovery.

Progenex would like to congratulate the following athletes on achieving their dream of playing in the NFL: Cody Riggs (Titans), Kendall Moore (Titans), Brandon Prate (Steelers), Edwin Jackson (Cardinals), Ben Koyak (Jaguars), Matt Lacosse (Giants), Akeem Daniels (Argonauts (CFL)), Even Spenser (Redskins), Mark Weisman (Bengals), Davaris Daniels (Vikings) and Tony Creecy (Patriots).

While we are no doubt impressed with the above results, we feel it is important to express that you don’t have to be an NFL athlete to experience the benefits of Progenex products. Whether you’re competing to make a team or to better yourself, Progenex products are designed with your goals in mind.

PROGENEX. Tested Daily.

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