Haute Cakes: The Easy, Health Pancake Solution to Your Morning Cravings

You wake up from a full night’s sleep. Well rested, the morning sun glinting through your window, you stretch and give a contented sigh. Only one thing would make your morning more idyllic: a stack of delicious pancakes. Too bad they’re so unhealthy for you.

Traditional pancakes are loaded with calories and sodium, contain harmful triglycerides (high levels of which have been linked to heart disease), and have more carbohydrates per serving than we care to mention. And that’s before loading on butter or syrup. When it comes to personal health, you might just be better off starting your day with a kick in the teeth.

But wait a second. We live in a world of vegan cheese, gluten-free bread, and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” Certainly there has to be a way for health-conscious individuals to enjoy something as simple as pancakes without having to draft out their last will and testament, right?

Well, put away that estate lawyer, because a healthy pancake recipe actually does exist. But to understand what defines a ‘healthy’ pancake recipe, let’s take a look at what makes traditional pancakes unhealthy.

Traditional Pancakes: All of the Bad with None of the Good

When you look at standard off-the-shelf pancake mixes, you might notice that the main ingredient is generally ‘enriched bleached flour.’ What does that mean? Well, flour contains certain nutrients that are beneficial to the body—such as fiber, protein, and certain minerals. On the other hand, enriched flour (which may be the most inaccurate term ever used) has had all of that good stuff removed, leaving you with nothing but a stack of simple carbohydrates. Ever consider having a bowl of sugar for breakfast? It’s basically the same thing, but covered in syrup.

But while bleached carbohydrates may be a big part of conventional pancakes, they aren’t strictly necessary. By replacing enriched bleached flour with something better, and then throwing in a few other nutritious bits of healthy goodness, you can enjoy that mouth-watering pancake stack you wake up craving—without all of the guilt and risk of early death.

Just whip up some Haute Cakes, by Progenex.

Haute Cakes: Easy, Healthy Pancake Goodness for Your Body

Haute cakes are an easy, healthy pancake alternative. Progenex Haute Cakes are made of wheat flour and whole-wheat flour, instead of enriched bleached flour. What does this mean? It means that Haute Cakes retain the important nutrients that benefit your body and allow for slower digestion, fighting food cravings and leaving you feeling fuller, longer.

And, if the fiber, protein, minerals, and other nutrients retained in whole-wheat flour aren’t enough to make you want to switch over to an easy, healthy pancake alternative, Progenex goes the extra mile, by adding a load of the highest quality protein available (which means that you’ll be able to go the extra mile when it comes to your workout regimen).

Protein Pancake Mix that Your Muscles and Tastebuds Can Agree On    

Most protein powder pancakes don’t actually contain much in the way of added protein (other than wheat protein, which is essentially extra wheat gluten). Progenex Haute Cakes contain 12g of high-quality whey protein isolate per serving. Whey protein isolates are at least 90% protein, meaning they are almost completely free of lactose, carbohydrate, fat, and cholesterol. This is the pure stuff, the stuff your muscles crave. In fact, there’s more protein in Progenex Haute Cakes than is typically found in certain protein shakes! Maybe an after-workout stack of pancakes wouldn’t be bad idea…

Of course, there’s one issue that we haven’t addressed yet: taste. I mean, come on; there’s a reason that most pancake mixes use enriched bleached flour, and it has nothing to do with the average consumer really wanting a heart attack. If healthy pancakes tasted as good as the other kind, then we wouldn’t bother bleaching flour, now would we? Well, guess again, because Haute Cakes are the protein pancake mix that your mouth can get excited about.

If there is one thing that Progenex prides itself on its making not only a great product, but one that also tastes great. Delicious, filling, and fluffy, Haute Cakes may well be the most satisfying pancakes you’ve ever eaten, and they’re simple, too. These protein powder pancakes can be prepared fast; the only additional ingredient needed is 3 tablespoons of water (which, last we checked, is pretty good for you too). You don’t need any extra milk, eggs, or oils for this protein powder pancake recipe.  And speaking of the best healthy pancake recipe the world has ever seen, here’s how to prepare them:


Haute Cakes Protein Powder Pancakes Recipe:

  • Lightly oil or butter preheated griddle or skillet at 375Fº.
  • Mix ⅓ Cup dry mix (43g) with 3 Tbsp water until batter is smooth.
  • Pour or scoop batter onto the griddle or skillet, using approximately ¼ cup for each pancake. Flip pancakes when bubbles stop forming and the bottom is golden brown.
  • Cook opposite side until golden brown (this should take half the amount of time as first side, so be careful not to let them burn).
  • Serve and enjoy!
  • Consider including your choice of fruit or other toppings, for that added bit of flavor—not that you’ll need it.


Kodiak Cakes vs. Haute Cakes

Pancake lovers across America probably have seen Kodiak Cakes in stores or when they appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank. They claim that they are a easy, healthy pancake option supplemented with protein. However, Kodiak cakes and Haute cakes aren’t exactly the same thing.

Kodiak cakes contain more calories per serving than Haute cakes (190 calories vs. 160 calories), as well as more carbohydrates (30g vs. 23g). Additionally, Haute Cakes uses a more pure form of protein, for better energy, quicker recovery, and better workout results all around. Kodiak Cakes use wheat protein isolate or a blend with wheat protein isolate as the main source of protein. So while the nutrition label appears to have a quality protein pancake, it is a less effective protein, especially when compared with Haute Cakes which rely exclusively on an ultra-filtered and micro-filtered whey protein isolate.

Kodiak Cakes may beat out the old bleached flour pancakes, but Haute Cakes are the superior alternative to Kodiak Cakes.

Healthy Breakfasts Can Be a Piece of Cake

Packed with protein, building-block nutrients, and more flavor than should be allowed, Haute Cakes are the health-boosting pancakes that everyone can enjoy, and at $24.95 for 43 servings, they won't break the bank either.

Don’t start your day wishing you could enjoy a stack of pancakes; turn that wish into delicious, healthy reality, with Progenex Haute Cakes.   

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