Interview: Miranda Oldroyd

First we have to ask you about your rap alter ego. Who is she?

In reality the rapper isn’t my alter ego, that is real life. Miranda Oldroyd the smiley CrossFitter is the alter ego of the real person, M80 or sometimes known as 9-Lives.


You have one of the more well known stories in the CrossFit world, but for the sake of our new readers, remind us.

I started CrossFit in the fall of 2007. My husband, Tyson, and I opened an affiliate in Salt Lake City in 2008. Since then I have been working for CrossFit HQ and competing! In June of 2012 I was in a car accident that was pretty ugly. I was taken to the emergency room in a lot of pain in my neck and with a broken hand. I left the emergency room without having received an x-ray and found out 2 weeks later that I had been walking around with a broken C2 vertebrae. It was fractured in 2 places…which would explain the excruciating pain that I had been dealing with the whole time. The night I found out, thanks to an x-ray done by the Dr treating my hand, they performed emergency surgery to fuze it. They told me that I could have been paralyzed very easily at any point during those 2 weeks that I didn’t know it was broken. They also told me that if I didn’t have such a strong neck that I would have most definitely been paralyzed in the initial accident. Now, here I am, very lucky and blessed…still doing what I love!

At any point during your recovery did you ever want to quit CrossFit?

No. Never. I was fully aware that my strength, both mental and physical, saved me and helped me maintain a good attitude throughout the whole ordeal.

What did you do during your recovery time when you couldn’t workout?

I didn’t really ever stop working out. Within a day or two after I got out of the hospital I was in the parking lot at CrossFit HQ riding the airdyne bike with no arms or doing walking lunges, air squats and pulling the sled. I was doing this more for my sanity than anything else. When so much of your life is centered around training, you can’t really feel normal without it. I also knew that the hormonal effects of training would help increase recovery from my injury and surgery.

What do you do now to just chill out? And how important is downtime to your overall training regimen?

I can’t lie. I am REALLY bad at this. Because I travel so much for work, I don’t even like to vacation that often. This weakness is something that I am working on, but I am legitimately a busy body who has a hard time sitting still. If anything I guess I could say that Tyson and I like to go out to movies and I love nothing more than laying in bed watching super girlie shows like “Sex and the City” on my ipad with my dogs. Downtime and learning to control this is super important to training and recovering, especially mentally and emotionally.

It’s been a few years and major setback, but did you ever think you’d make it to the Games again?

I don’t know. I really enjoy the process. I enjoy training for competition maybe even more than the competition itself. I have always believed that I could make it back to the Games, and I believe I still have more to do, but the competition these days is no joke and you can’t ever think you’ve got it in the bag. All you can do is train, and love to train and see where that lands you.

What was it like qualifying on team this year? And how was competing with a team different than individual?

Truth be told, I had to be talked into the team idea. I have always competed as an individual and had always had big goals for MYSELF in CrossFit. I made the decision to go team so that I could work with a group of athletes for a common goal and have a group to lean on for support and motivation. What I have learned and gained from this experience is hard to put into words. I worked harder this season than I ever have because I knew it was going to impact other people. I had moments in training and in competition where I know I would have failed had my teammates not been there to pick me up. After having gone through this, I am now 100% in love with the team competition. CrossFit is all about community and pushing hard with, next to, and FOR each other. Our team had it’s ups and downs, but we were ALWAYS working toward the same goal.

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