Lauren Fisher: Top 10 Travel Moments

No matter what CrossFit I travel to in another country, everyone is so nice! Whether it was in Russia, New Zealand, or Brazil, everyone welcomed me with open arms! I feel very lucky to be part of this community and to travel doing what I love.  -Lauren Fisher
  1. Eating a traditional Brazilian breakfast in Pirenoplis, Brazil straight from the farm! Lots of homemade bread, fresh meat, eggs, jam, yogurt with fruit and granola, waffles with whip cream, banana cream pie… I love food!
  2. Bungee Jumping off the highest bungy jump in New Zealand – 134 meters! My heart was pounding!
  3. Traveling to Kazan, Russia to lift at the Junior World Championships for Weightlifting and meeting lifters from all over the world my age!
  4. Watching the sunset overlooking Brazil in Pirenopolis with friends. So peaceful and beautiful!
  5. Traveling to both Queenstown and Wellington, New Zealand to compete at the Wellington Cup.
  6. Traveling to Goiania, Brazil to coach an Invictus Athletes camp at Primatas CrossFit and compete at the Monster Games.
  7. Lululemon Retreat in Park City, Utah right before Games. Got to hang out with tons of Professional and Olympic athletes! Yoga, ski jumps, bobsledding, golfing, and just relaxing.
  8. Competing at the Granite Games in Minnesota with girls like Sam Briggs, Stacie Tovar, Emily Bridgers, and then hanging out with the Progenex crew in St. Cloud.
  9. Enjoying the closing ceremonies of Junior Worlds in Russia and then going out that night… It’s a whole another world!
  10. Being on the New Zealand Nationals News and in the newspaper. It’s kind of a big deal there with only six channels I think!


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