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Nutrition was important to me prior to CrossFit coming into my life, as I was a personal trainer and had competed in a “Fitness Competition”. By fitness competition I mean somewhere between figure and bodybuilding with a few required physical feats and dance moves.  I was no stranger to looking at macros, counting calories, food timing, weighing and measuring or supplements.

What was new for me, however, was figuring out what worked best to perform where I wanted to perform. Previously, I was eating to attain a particular aesthetic look. Now it is about performance. I have found it is a continuing process find what works for optimal physical output.

When I started CrossFit, I got into the Zone Diet.  I started with 12 blocks and got very lean very fast.  I was performing well, but needed to add more fat to get enough calories to sustain my bodyweight.  I started CrossFit at about 138 lbs and the heaviest I have gotten is about 149.  For the past 3 years or so I am 143-144 lbs every day with very little fluctuation.

Before CrossFit, I really had to work hard to get lean, so I never thought of myself as someone with great genetics.  For a long time I was getting most of my carbs in the Zone from only fruits and vegetables.  I was concerned that if I ate more refined carbohydrates, I would gain fat and because they weren’t as “clean”, my performance would suffer.

I was encouraged by some of my training partners, Neal Maddox and Jason Khalipa, to add more of those refined carbs to my diet.  I started with breakfast and had a little rice here and there.  This past year, since my fully bonking on the run at the 2014 Games, I have taken it even further. The example below is what I have been doing for approximately the past 6 months to make sure I am ready for the volume and intensity of training for and competing in the 2015 Games with Team NorCal.

My block count is higher now – around 18. Not every day is exactly the same, as I don’t have a particularly set schedule but this is a good example of a normal day of food and supplements. Also, please keep in mind that my meal plan is not necessarily a cookie cutter plan for every athlete.  I eat more refined carbs than many of the female athletes I am friends with, but it’s what works well for me.

Breakfast (8:00am ish)

Omega+ Fish Oil
1 Cup of Coffee black
1 Chicken Sausage
2 eggs
1/2 English Muffin
1/2 banana
Mound of almond butter

Workout: (9:00-11:00am ish)


Post Workout

1.5 Scoops of Recovery
2 Scoops of Build

Snack: (12-12:30pm)

Progenex Bar
Iced Coffee black

Workout: (1:30-3:30pm)


Post Workout

1.5 Scoops of Recovery
2 Scoops of Build

Dinner: (5:00pm)

4 oz White Rice
6 oz Steak
Scoop of Salsa
Scoop of Guacamole
Handful of Corn Tortilla Chips

2nd Dinner: (8:00pm)

4 oz of some sort of meat
3/4 cup of potatoes or sweet potatoes (3 blocks)
1 cup of brussels sprouts or broccoli (1 block)
Almond butter

Bedtime: (10:30 pm)

2 scoops Cinnamon Slumber Cocoon
Square of Dark Chocolate
3 Omega+ Fish Oil

I also include a daily dose of vitamins, as well as MCT oil in my morning coffee and Cocoon.

One thing I like to say at the CrossFit Level One Certificate Course I coach is,

“I have never seen an athlete improve their performance across the board and get fatter at the same time.  Chase performance.  Eat for performance. Train for performance… everything else you are looking for will come along with it.”

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