Soul Open with Alec Smith

The Soul Open was extremely well run with an awesome warm up area and friendly people. The Progenex crew and Danny’s team made me feel like I was at home, and took really good care of the athletes and volunteers. On top of the awesome venue and incredible weather, it was inspiring to watch some of the lifters that were competing there. My favorite moment was watching Leo Hernandez lift and break the American record!

I also have a funny story, the Olympic Lifting coach that was helping me throughout the meet (Camilo) couldn’t speak any English at all and I couldn’t speak any Spanish. Even though he couldn’t speak any English, I was able to learn so much from him just by his energy and lifting cues by putting me in the correct positions. I could never tell if he was talking to me, yelling at me or coaching me because I had no idea what he was saying!

I can’t wait to come back and lift in the next one!

- Alec Smith

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