Through the Eyes of a Teacher

As a teacher I wear many different hats. At school I’m a 5th grade teacher, a role model, a leader, a second mom to many children, a friend, and “the teacher with all the muscles”. At 6am I start my day, commute 30 minutes to school in Baltimore, and begin welcoming children at 8am. I’m greeted by cheerful children each morning and can’t help but to be thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given.

Since 2009 I’ve taught 5th grade. For the 2014-2015 school year, I made a leap of faith and started teaching at a private School in Baltimore. The first days of school are always filled with introductions, routines, procedures, and get to know you activities. This year it started the same way. I always introduce myself to my students using videos, pictures, and other engaging mediums. After telling them about my family and lifestyle I told them about CrossFit. This is always a can of worms!

The CrossFit conversation leads to many interesting, hilarious, and innocent conversations about fitness over the course of the year.
“What are those things in your arms.”
“Mrs. Helmick doesn’t eat that, she eats healthy!”
“Mrs. Helmick doesn’t eat candy, I’ll bring you in something different.”
“Mrs. Helmick, can you do a split? How much can you lift?”
“I’ve seen you on YouTube!”
“My mom said she wants to workout with you.”
“Can I follow you on Instagram?” – No, I’m sorry
“Do you want me to fill up your (Progenex) water bottle?”
“Mrs. Helmick is strong she can move that desk!”
“Mrs. Helmick should race _________ at recess!”
“She just walked on her hands!!!” – We all have to have fun in gym class.

These are the daily conversations we have at school until my students get used to the ways of a crossfitter.

At 3pm I arrive at the gym and feel a bit like Jekyll and Hyde. I go from a conservative teacher to a passionate athlete in the matter of minutes. I’m certainly the same person, but my focus and priorities shift. I believe it is important to be true to your gifts by giving your all in each environment your put into. When I’m at school I’m dedicated to the children, and when I’m training I’m not satisfied until I put in quality work.

CrossFit ReVamped is my second home. My husband, Gary Helmick, is my training partner and coach. Our quality time each day is spent at the gym challenging one another in the next workout. We make each other stronger athletes, competitors, and people. The gym is more than a place to workout, it is a community of support systems that run wide and deep. We have friends, members, and sponsors, like Progenex, that support us and want to see us succeed.

After Regionals in 2012, we joined the Progenex team. We have had continuous support, opportunities, and encouragement from Paul and the entire Progenex crew. Being a part of the team has allowed me and my husband to make lifelong friends around the world. We have been given opportunities through Progenex that allow us to challenge ourselves, travel, and represent a steadfast company. As a teacher, I continuously reflect on how my decisions will effect my students and others. I confidently promote Progenex because of what their roots are grounded in and the values they stand for. They are more then a protein company to us, they are family.

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