Tuesday’s w/ Jeremy | Episode 3


This week Jeremy talks about PROGENEX Burn and how it can increase your performance and burn more fat.

What is PROGENEX Burn?

PROGENEX Burn is a cutting-edge weight management and sports performance supplement specially designed to increase your body’s resting metabolic rate while shifting energy utilization from glycogen to fat stores.

Burn contains the active ingredient dihydrocapsiate that is naturally found in specific sweet peppers. This ingredient is structurally similar to capsaicin, which is the compound that gives peppers their “hotness” but also boasts significant positive effects when it comes to shedding body fat. Dihydrocapsiate is similar to this compound but differs because it is too big for your receptors to pick up the “hotness,” allowing you to not experience the discomfort from a hot chili pepper. But you will get the same thermogenic effect, in that your body will regulate energy by using your body fat stores.

How PROGENEX Burn helps

This product and its effects will give your workouts and every-day activities a boost!

You’ll no longer experience those dramatic drop-offs in your energy once your carbohydrates are burned out.

In high intense workouts, after 10-15 minutes, we often hit a wall in which we feel like we can no longer push any harder. During our daily routine, we also will hit a wall in which we feel like we need a second cup of coffee or carbs to get us through the day. Burn helps push through workouts and curb these feelings and cravings.

Burn + Keto Diet

The dihydrocapsiate ingredient in Burn is similar to what the Keto diet promises. In that, your body will start burning fat for fuel. Burn will help you see results with this diet in days versus weeks and months at a time. But the key to seeing results is by being consistent with Burn. The more consistent you are with keeping Burn in your system, the better your body will learn to burn fat for energy.

Burn for Athletes

Athletes are often looking for ways to lean out. This happens by burning body fat and maintaining or building muscle tissue. When trying to lean out an athlete, we’ll often do high-intensity training with a high carb diet. But if we also supplement with Burn, we’ll burn body fat at the same time, giving us a better result physically and in our training.

How to use Burn

The best way to see the results of Burn is by using it over a month-long period. By taking three packets of Burn a day you’ll start to burn 100-150 more calories of body fat per day. This may seem minimal but over a month-long period, you’ll burn a pound of body fat per month by doing absolutely nothing different in your diet.

Watch the video above to learn more about PROGENEX Burn and how it will help you reach your goals faster!

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