Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run with BLK Trainer Alika

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Alika Ho’omana experience at the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run

On September 14th, 2014, I was able to participate in, “The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run”, put on by CrossFit Poipu and sponsored by Progenex and CrossFit HQ.  The event served as a fundraiser for the kids of Poipu and took place on the island of Kaua’i.  People came not only from the surrounding islands, but from the mainland as well.  Top CrossFit athletes and professional surfers came together, running side by side, to show their support for this amazing cause.


I was born and raised in Hawaii but I had never been to Kaua’i and was so stoked when Progenex gave me the opportunity to be a part of this event and show my support.  Kaua’i was absolutely beautiful but that course was tough!!!  Rocks, dirt, mud, branches, pig trails, and uphill climbs that were so steep, you needed a rope just to pull yourself up.  There were some parts where the person needed help in front so that they could move forward and in turn, allow you to move forward.  Though getting up to the top of the ridges was incredibly difficult at times, the view from the top was just breathtaking!!

What goes up must come down and getting down the ridges proved just as hard as getting up – ropes and all!  I weaved through pig trails with more dirt and more mud while working my way towards the finish line but before I could get there, I was given a forty-pound sandbag to carry the last half-mile while continuing up and down the hills.  I continued on and made my way to the finish line where the crowd was electrifying!!  In true CrossFit fashion, the other finishers lined up to cheer on the rest of the participants crossing the finish line.  Everyone was just so happy to finish and there were lots of sweaty, muddy hugs and high fives taking place.

Later that evening, everyone got cleaned up and headed to the Lūʻau and awards ceremony where they announced that “The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run” would now be an annual event. It was run so well, I can totally see it doubling in participants next year!  Thank you to CrossFit Poipu and all the families who made our stay so special. I can’t express my thanks and appreciation enough towards Progenex to be able to represent the Progenex BLK Trainers at this special event. What an incredible experience for such a great cause!  It was also pretty cool to be able to compete in something along side Top Athletes!  I can’t wait till next year!!


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