Update: Jason Khalipa

What has Jason been up to since the Games?

I have really tried to focus on family and NorCal as a business since the Games. Training has been good but it has definitely been a little less volume than usual. Our company is in a huge growth stage and needs my attention. In addition my son is 5 months old and my daughter is 3 1/2. They need my time also.

Every year after the Games my wife and I take a short trip. This year we went to Seattle for a wedding the weekend after the Games. She is an amazing women and support system for me. Since then my family and I traveled to Mexico together. I have been in Asia working on our corporate sites with HGST a Western Digital corporation. I have competed in the CrossFit Team Series in Ohio. Will be doing an event with the Navy SEAL foundation next week (first week of October). The following week I will head to Ohio then off to Europe for a little while.

Life is a bit crazy but good. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing fitness movement. Spreading it around the world has always been a goal of mine.


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