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Here are a few things going on with me at the moment - Kara Webb

My husband and I just bought another house just before the games that we are renovating. I absolutely love love love renovating and decorating homes. I just wish I had more time and more money to do it but nesting is definitely relaxing for me. At my new home we have this amazing big shed out the back with a deck built off it that we are turning into our home gym. I think having my little zen space at home will ensure that I keep my passion for the sport alive. Sometimes its nice to just get out of the office (gym) and do some training.


I have a little french bulldog named Willow and she is 10 months old. She is just as stubborn as I am and keeps me on my toes but she is my little pal that comes to work with me and just keeps me relaxed. One of the best outs is to have a pet and spend time with them in the sun.

Coming back into training with an injury has been testing. When I left for the games I was in my prime. PB’s everyday and just the strongest I have ever been. Now I am learning to be grateful for smaller victories. My scaps are that much stronger now from my rehab work that my rowing feels fantastic and my day to day posture is much better. I am trying to be patient and take it day by day and thats a huge lesson in itself.

I have also built a pretty cool relationship with a heap of our members children. They think I am a superstar and I just love chatting to them and hearing about their sporting achievements because they keep it so real. They even send me videos of their handstands and wearing a Kara Webb shirt. Its so cool. I really want to do the CrossFit kids cert but I keep missing them in Australia as they are so limited. I can’t wait though!

I have also been lucky enough to write some articles in magazines about CrossFit. One was about mental training which I am super passionate about. Matt Swift from CrossFit Brisbane also wrote an article about my coach Brian and how amazing he is and we did some awesome photos for the cover of the magazine. Brian is my go to for everything. I honestly believe he is the best coach out there but he keeps to himself and never looks for recognition. I’m so lucky. We are really silly about 90% of the time and then hard work 10%. I love that about our coach/athlete relationship

Overall I’m really happy here in my little bubble in Australia. I just love having a good time with wicked people and thats all I really need.


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