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I’m currently rehabbing a major injury to my right leg. On the Fourth of July I tore the right branch of my femoral artery in a mountain biking accident in Boulder Colorado. The swelling from the injury was so bad doctors performed three fasciotomies on my right leg to relieve the swelling and regain a pulse in my right foot.


After one week in the hospital and another week in bed at home, I was going stir crazy and couldn’t wait to get back on my feet. I started slow and easy and am working my way back to my normal level of fitness. Though I would like to compete again, 100% rehabilitation is my primary concern right now.

To prepare my leg to run again, Sharae and I decided it would be smart to add hiking to my weekly regimen. Once a week she and I research a trail for a peek that we would both like to summit and we get after it. It’s been challenging, fun, and it has introduced us to a whole new side of Colorado that we have never seen.

Other than training, working for CrossFit headquarters, and CrossFit Verve, a new focus of mine has been on archery. This spring I hunted turkeys, this fall I’ve hunted pronghorn antelope, and I’m getting ready to hunt deer and elk. I’m using spot and stalk methods, which are a little more difficult than sitting in a ground blind or a treestand and waiting for an animal. It’s difficult at times very frustrating, but I love the challenge and I can see myself doing it for many years.

Other than that, it’s business as usual in Boulder Colorado. Life is good and I’m blessed to have happy healthy friends and family.

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