Chocolate Recovery Shake



Please note that for this recipe you will need a blender!

  1. Begin by adding 1-2 Scoops of our yummy Belgian Chocolate Recovery Protein Powder to your blender.
  2. Next add 10oz of Cold Water
  3. Add in 1/2 of a frozen Banana
  4. If you desire a thicker shake please add in Ice
  5. Now you may blend your ingredients in your blender for 30 seconds.
  6. Once blend is done, transfer your Progenex shake mixture to a cup of your choosing.
  7. Top your shakes off with a sprinkle of Granola, Dark Chocolate Chips and Coconut Flakes. Add a few Banana slices (unfrozen) and lastly a Nut Butter Drizzle of your choice.
  8. Smile and Enjoy because Fitness Never Tasted So Great!

Serving Size: 1

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