Why Choose Progenex Omega?

Progenex Omega

Why choose OMEGA over other products? How is it different? Why is it better? Does it really work? All of these questions are valid, and honestly questions you should be asking. They are all questions we asked ourselves while developing this product. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t just create a cool product, but a product that actually worked. Like with all of the PROGENEX products, we stepped into the consumer shoes to make sure we could answer these questions. 

How is OMEGA different from other products?

OMEGA differentiates from other products because it consists of krill oil concentrate: Superba Boost™. Superba Boost is exclusively found in an Antarctic krill species called Euphausia Superba. These species feed on microscopic algae, giving them a diet rich in omega-3s. The omega-3s found in these particular krill species are bound to phospholipid which compared to other marine omega-3s, increases their uptake in red blood cells by 68%. 

In short, OMEGA SUPERBABoost increases your red blood cells by 68% compared to other omega-3 products. 

How is OMEGA unique?

OMEGA goes through a harvesting process unlike any other. From catch to capsule, we have full control due to the Eco-Harvesting™ technology used. This process eliminates by-catch and reduces environmental impact. Krill harvesting has traditionally relied on trawl nets, however, this method has caught a number of other species, such as fish and seals. Our Eco-Harvesting™ technology is a patented fishing system that delicately brings krill live and fresh aboard our vessels, while at the same time singling out unwanted by-catch and minimizing environmental impact.

After the harvesting process, we then develop the product by using Flexitech™. This technology development removes unwanted fillers like salts and other polar constituents. Therefore giving OMEGA increased the amount of long-chain omega-3s eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), phospholipids and choline.

How could consumers benefit from this?

First of all, a high level of omega-3s are hugely beneficial to our diet, benefiting our brain, heart, liver, and joints. But we often see a low level of omega-3s in the traditional diet. And to combat this, consumers will find it difficult to fulfill their omega-3s needs with the more traditional products you find at the store.

Due to the phospholipids mentioned earlier that can be found in OMEGA, this component ensures the delivery of key fatty acids like EPA and DHA more efficiently. Whereas other omega-3 products don’t have this key component. OMEGA also doesn’t include any preservatives due to the krill oil’s powerful antioxidant component, astaxanthin. 

In short, OMEGA works better and is more efficient than other omega 3s due to its phospholipid advantage.

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