Jacob Ross and Luol Deng

Jacob Ross and Luol Deng
April 11, 2017 Miranda

“When you train an elite athlete, the personalities have to match. They have to.”

“His mentality, his approach to life and training really vibes a lot with mine.  We both like to have fun, we both like to joke around, we like music, we like to dance a little bit, but when it comes time to get work done we get it done. We don’t make excuses.” – Jacob Ross

Jacob Ross is an Elite Sports Performance Coach who has worked with some of the highest paid and most successful athletes across several professional and Olympic sports. He first met 13 year NBA Veteran Luol Deng, while training at EFT in Chicago. When Luol became a Los Angeles Laker and a California resident, he knew he still wanted Ross in his corner.

Now training at Barbell Brigade in LA, the Progenex crew caught up with them to talk about the goals they have during training, what their relationship is like as trainer and athlete, and what they feel is the recipe for success.

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