• Boost Metabolism, Enhance Endurance, and Burn More Fat

    What if you could increase your resting energy expenditure so you burn more calories throughout the day? What if there were a supplement scientifically proven to help you burn fat for fuel, enhance endurance, and lean out?

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  • Progenex Burn – Stoke the Fire Inside

    Burn is a cutting edge weight management and sports performance supplement, specifically designed to increase your body’s resting metabolic rate, while protecting and preserving precious glycogen stores.

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  • Ben Smith | Progenex

    Ben Smith may very well be the most consistent individual athlete in the history of the Sport of Fitness. He has qualified and competed at the CrossFit Games a total of 8 times – and has been on the podium 4 of those years. In 2015, he stood at the top as the CrossFit Games Champion.

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  • Progenex | Christian Lucero

    Christian Lucero may be known best for being a successful CrossFit Games Competitor and for his work ethic as a full time athlete. But Lucero knows that all of the knowledge of fitness in the world does nothing – if not shared with others.

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  • Jacob Ross and Luol Deng

    Jacob Ross is an Elite Sports Performance Coach who has worked with some of the highest paid and most successful athletes across several professional and Olympic sports. He first met 13 year NBA Veteran Luol Deng, while training at EFT in Chicago. When Luol became a Los Angeles Laker and a California resident, he knew he still wanted Ross in his corner.

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