Haute Cakes


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Breakfast Has Never Been So Powerful

Our reputation for both quality and taste has made PROGENEX the brand of choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Since our founding, we’ve committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients and formulating our products for maximum results. PROGENEX Haute Cakes™ stay true to our principles by delivering 12g of high-quality protein – not the cheap blends consisting of milk protein isolates and egg protein.

In short, just like you’ve come to expect the best from our fitness supplements, you can now expect the best from your breakfast.

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What A Pancake Should Be

Everybody loves a good pancake. But until now, you’ve had to make a choice: Do you go with a great-tasting, smooth and fluffy pancake that’s half air, half unhealthy bleached flour? Or do you sacrifice a little taste and texture for a healthy but gritty and grainy pancake? Fortunately, you no longer have to make that choice. PROGENEX has formulated an easy, healthy alternative to pancakes with PROGENEX Haute Cakes™. Not only have we packed PROGENEX Haute Cakes™ with healthy whole wheat flour and a high-quality whey protein isolate, we’ve made sure our pancakes are fluffy yet filling and taste exactly the way you like. Enjoy a guilt-free pancake that still tastes like a treat.


Directions For Use

Mix 1/3 Cup of PROGENEX Haute Cakes™ dry mix (43g) with 3 Tbsp water and 1 Tbsp oil (optional). Shake or blend and let stand for 5 minutes for best results.

  • Lightly oil or butter preheated griddle or skillet at 375Fº 
  • Add desired amount of Haute Cakes™ batter, flip when bubbles stop and bottom is golden brown. 
  • Cook opposite side until golden brown, this should take half the amount of time as first side. 
  • Serve and enjoy guilt-free pancakes!

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    Size - Top S M L XL XXL
    Chest 38 40 42 44 46
    Waist 29 - 30 31 - 32 33 - 34 34 - 36 37 - 38
    Hip 37½ 39½ 41½ 43½ 45½


    Size - Top S M L XL
    4/6 8 10/12 14
    Bust 34½ - 35 35½ - 36 37½ - 38 39½ - 40
    Waist 25 - 26 27 28 - 29 30
    Hip 36 - 37 38 39 - 40 41