Chocolate Mint Banana Shake



Please note that for this Recipe you will need a blender!

  1. Add 1 Scoop of Progenex Belgian Chocolate Recovery to your blender.
  2. Now add 1 Frozen Banana (a non frozen Banana works as well).
  3. Next add 4 Mint leaves or 1-2 drops of Liquid Mint drops (mint leaves and mint drops vary depending on the desired strength of mixture).
  4. Added in 1 Cup of Coconut Milk
  5. 1 cup of Ice
  6. Blend all of the ingredients in your blender anywhere from 20 seconds - 45 seconds.
  7. Once blend is done, pour your oh so refreshing Progenex Chocolate Mint Shake into your favorite cup and enjoy!

Serving Size: 1

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