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When it comes to our products, PROGENEX is downright prideful. Why? Because everything we offer is the absolute best on the market. Where other workout supplements are all too often made from cheap ingredients, low-quality protein, and unnecessary additives, PROGENEX goes the extra mile to include only the best, highest-quality ingredients like whey protein hydrolysate. What does that mean? Well, to put it bluntly, it means that every PROGENEX product is guaranteed to deliver the best possible results — no exceptions.

And, as if that weren’t enough, PROGENEX puts as much energy into flavor as it does form. After all, even the highest quality protein isn’t going to do you much good if you can’t get it past the gag reflex.

Of course, that’s only the tip of the PROGENEX iceberg. To really understand what sets PROGENEX apart as the leader in the workout-supplement industry, you need to dive a bit deeper. Here is a rundown of the best products to boost your workout and improve your life.


Our bodies are working, fighting machines, and whether it’s a single hour in the gym or a full day pushing your physical limits, once you’ve finished your last rep, your muscles need some major recovery. Of course, when it comes to rebuilding muscle tissue, there are natural processes that take over. That said, sometimes they fall short. Left to its own devices, the body may take hours, or even days to regain its pre-workout energy levels. This is where PROGENEX Recovery comes in.  

After an intense workout, your muscles are starving for specific recovery supplements, namely accessible, easy-to-use protein. The more accessible that protein is, the quicker your body can get back up to 100%. Unfortunately, the standard digestive process, where consumed protein is broken down into usable peptides, is just too slow. For athletes who want to be able to get back to building their bodies quickly, they need something faster.  

PROGENEX Recovery is made from a highly refined process that filters whey to discard the non-essential components and then exposes it to enzymes to break down the bonds that hold amino acids together. Essentially, the protein in PROGENEX Recovery is pre-broken down into its most useable form, allowing it to completely bypass the digestive system and head straight to those damaged muscle fibers. The end result? Unprecedented force recovery, allowing for more, higher-intensity workouts in a shorter period of time.  

Research has shown those who take a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate compared to regular whey protein as a recovery supplement were able to regain their ability to perform exercises more quickly. The hydrolyzed whey protein was around 30% more effective in stimulating skeletal muscle protein synthesis over a 6 hour period (Buckley et al.). This hydrolyzed whey protein is why PROGENEX is so effective — when taken within 30 minutes of your workout, it absorbs much quicker than other products, and immediately starts the rebuilding process.

In another research study by Wang et al., 24 rats were divided into 4 groups and put on different diets: standard diet without exercise, exercise, standard diet plus exercise, and exercise plus standard supplemented hydrolyzed protein. Each group was subjected to a test: swim until they were completely fatigued. Researchers noted that those who were in the final group with the hydrolyzed protein supplement had a significantly reduced recovery time. They also concluded that protein recovery supplement diet helps improve protein retention and is extremely important in high-intensity exercise-stress situations.

Of course this shorter recovery period can be a huge benefit for any run-of-the-mill athlete, gym goer, or exercise-at-home individual, but imagine the benefits for those long active days when you end up doing one or more types of workout, one after another. Your body is going to be ready in a matter of hours so you can hit up that morning workout and then head on out for that evening workout without having to worry about fatigue.

PROGENEX Recovery is the key to cutting down recovery times, for better workouts, quicker gains, and reduced fatigue. And, like every PROGENEX product, it also tastes great.

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PROGENEX Recovery is the best option for achieving a quicker, more efficient recovery.

More Muscle

PROGENEX More Muscle protein powder is one of the most advanced supplements on the market — there is no other product like this in existence. It is one of our top supplements, but it’s just as useful for anyone looking to build muscle and burn fat. Whatever your goals and whatever your exercise regimen, More Muscle can help you hit your optimal performance trajectory.

Whether it’s crushing your own PR on a squat, racing up a mountain, or conquering the next competition, you need muscle to do it. More importantly, if weight management is your focus, or you want to improve your overall health, lean muscle mass is key. Muscle is one of the most important factors in your metabolic health, bone strength, body weight control, and in your body’s ability to resist disease and stress.

But sometimes achieving that much-needed muscle growth can be a challenge, which is why researchers have started to work more on perfecting the formula for workout supplements. At PROGENEX we’ve done just that. PROGENEX More Muscle can help you increase lean muscle so that you lift more, build more, and burn more throughout your day.

Just like our protein recovery supplement, PROGENEX More Muscle is a specifically formulated workout supplement designed for rapid absorption And like recovery, it’ll help you do more workouts in a shorter time, building lean muscle in the process.

More Muscle is all about putting the highest-quality, best tasting whey protein to work for you. We use a two-step process that breaks down the protein found in cow’s milk. In the first step, we isolate growth factors in early-stage cow’s milk. We extract and concentrate them using a proprietary process. In the second step, we use filters to cold-process the whey into one of the highest quality whey protein isolates. By breaking down, isolating and hydrolyzing our protein, we create a protein that is absorbed more efficiently and quickly than any other protein on the market.

PROGENEX More Muscle is one of the best workout supplements for anyone looking to lose weight, increase their resting metabolism, or increase their recovery efficiency. More Muscle can be taken when you wake in the morning when your body is severely protein deficient. It can also be taken pre-workout and should definitely be taken post-workout for biggest gains.

More Muscle also increases the amount of calories your body burns when you’re at rest (this is called your resting energy expenditure or REE), which in turn increases your resting metabolism, helping you to burn away more fat throughout the day. In turn, this will help improve your overall body composition and help you lose weight. Basically, More Muscle sets everything in motion to help you achieve your fitness goals fast.


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More Muscle is the best tasting whey protein to help with shedding fat and building lean muscle.


When it comes to building your body, the rules are simple: the more you put in, the more you get back. That said, everyone has their limits, and once you hit those limits, even one more rep may seem impossible. When the your limits are pushing you down, push back, with PROGENEX Force. Force is specially engineered to maximize your ability to train harder and longer, for improved results across the board. Force is a superior pre-workout supplement designed to give your mind and body the energy surge it needs to take things to the next level, without ruining your ability to relax once the workout is done.

Instead of just relying on massive amounts of caffeine, PROGENEX has made a supplement that provides boosts from the best ingredients, such as our Surge NOS Activator™. This whey peptide enhances the nitric oxide production in your body; it dilates your arteries more fully, therefore boosting blood flow and oxygen transportation. Additionally, it reduces your blood pressure and delivers key nutrients quicker to your body during training.

Along with our NOS Activator, Force contains creatine. A naturally substance produced naturally in the human body, creatine offers extensive workout benefits. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t generally produce enough to really have a noticeable effect. As an addition to our Force supplement, we provide enough creatine to help provide more energy to your cells by fueling the creation of ATP. Athletes who have more creatine in their body exhibit greater strength and muscle mass, along with greater bursts of speed and an increase in protein synthesis that aids in muscle building and repair.

We also provided a 2:1:1 formula of BCAA’S (branched chain amino acids): leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These BCAA’s are necessary for muscle growth, and also assist in repair and recovery. Force helps to fuel your muscles with citrulline and beta-alanine. Both of these amino acids help to:

  • Increase nitric oxide production
  • Increase energy
  • Enhance anaerobic performance and reduce post-exercise muscle soreness
  • Increase muscle carnosine for prolonged periods
  • Increase muscle buffering capacity
  • Decrease acidosis
  • Improve endurance
  • Delay fatigue
  • Increase strength
  • Speed recovery from intense exercise

Along with these benefits, Force also comes with a very low dose of caffeine so you won’t experience a crash soon after taking it. All together, PROGENEX Force is one of the best pre-workout supplements available.

And as it is aptly named, you just need one serving, pre-workout. Mix with 350 ml of water and drink about 15 minutes prior to your workout. Add ice cubes to taste.

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PROGENEX Force is the perfect workout supplement for endurance athletes who want to boost their performance and perform at peak capacity.


There is no better way to prepare for — or recover from — a full day’s activity than with a peaceful night’s sleep. But sometimes winding down can be a struggle. Cocoon is specifically designed to increase brain serotonin to induce calmness and help you get the rejuvenating rest your body needs.

Whey and casein protein may come from the same source, but they each have their own health benefits. Casein results in a slower metabolization in your stomach that gives your skeletal muscles a sustained release of precious amino acids. Whey is fast-digesting and absorbs rapidly, making it the optimum post-workout supplement. PROGENEX Cocoon is packed with not just the best casein protein, but micellar casein as well.

Micellar casein protein is considered one of the best casein proteins available. The acid in your stomach causes the casein to clot during digestion, thereby allowing for a slow and steady release of amino acids. Because of this slow release, casein protein is best taken before bed, helping your body receive a steady supply of protein as it rebuilds itself and prepares for a new day. Several studies in micellar casein have shown just how beneficial this form of protein absorption can be:

Cocoon is also packed with other powerful ingredients such as Metamorphagen™. This ingredient helps foster a deep, restorative sleep that helps you wake up feeling rested and fully recovered, ready to take on a new day and new workout. Metamorphagen™ is a tryptophan peptide, similar to the tryptophan that we know to be in turkey, and that results in that oh so wonderful sleepy feeling that comes after a massive Thanksgiving dinner. Metamorphagen™ can help improve your mood, control your appetite, and slip into the kind of sleep usually reserved for babies.

Nighttime recovery is important, but sometimes our bodies need a little boost during the process. For the ultimate recovery, combine PROGENEX Recovery or More Muscle and PROGENEX Cocoon. Doing so will give your muscles the best casein protein and best whey protein available for recovery, repair, and growth, while also maximizing your resting time and promoting increased gains in speed, strength, and stamina.

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PROGENEX Cocoon gives your body exactly what it needs to wind down, sleep well, recover strong, and smash your workout tomorrow.


High-intensity workouts can swiftly diminish your body’s available energy and its ability to resynthesize ATP — a coenzyme that transports cellular energy. During these kinds of exercises, your muscles heavily rely on the availability of phosphocreatine to resynthesize that ATP. But as you get further into your routine, that phosphocreatine starts to diminish, ultimately making you fall short of what could have been your maximum effort. Your body wants creatine, the very substance that turns into phosphate that helps the body manufacture the substance that give your muscles fuel. Simply put, creatine = muscle energy. But while most other creatine supplements focus only on increasing muscle size, PROGENEX Amplitude is committed to helping your muscles heal properly while they grow.

By supplementing with PROGENEX Amplitude, you can give your body’s natural creatine production a significant boost, for longer, harder workouts unhampered by force loss or fatigue.

But just like protein, not all creatine is created equal. Most creatine powders aren’t easy to dissolve or digest. If you’ve tried creatine powders before, you’ve probably experienced small, bitter grains at the bottom of your drink. This can cause your muscles to miss out on some substantial amounts of creatine. But Amplitude uses our specially formulated creatine peptides for maximum intake and rapid absorption. Our creatine is tasteless and mixes well with other solutions. It’ll also help you avoid the bloating too often associated with other creatine supplements.

Amplitude is an effective addition to any workout routine. Just add one scoop of PROGENEX Amplitude to your pick of PROGENEX More Muscle or PROGENEX Recovery shake, post-workout and shake until blended.

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PROGENEX Amplitude is the product that outraces you. It is a specially formulated creatine powder that can lead to serious gains in muscle mass and performance.


One of the most important things you need during an intense workout or outdoor activity is long-lasting energy to keep you going. To get that long-lasting energy, you need quality carbohydrate supplements to boost glycogen reserves and power your body.

When we say carbs, we’re not talking about grabbing a fresh loaf and chowing down. There are several different kinds of carbs out there, and not all of them are what your body needs mid-workout. Build has been scientifically formulated to combine two of the best natural carbohydrate supplements sources out there: honey and sweet potato powder. As a simple sugar, honey can be quickly delivered to your muscle for immediate energy. On the other end, sweet potato powder contains long-chain carbohydrate polymers that in turn provide sustained endurance. These two kinds of carbohydrates provide two methods for glucose to enter your bloodstream, helping you get the energy you need now while also ensuring sustained power to last for your entire workout.

At PROGENEX, we found that the most important component is how you receive these carbohydrate supplements, which is why we’ve powered Build with EngineX™ and Shuttle™.

EngineX™ is a delivery system that binds fenugreek actives with dairy peptones. Fenugreek is an herb indigenous to India and North Africa and has been shown to raise testosterone levels to enhance athletic performance. Studies have shown that participants who took a fenugreek supplement compared to those who took a placebo were able to significantly improve their performance in weightlifting, while also reducing body fat.

On the other hand, Shuttle™ is a revolutionary peptide that optimizes the use of blood glucose for muscle glycogen and energy. Shuttle™ is made of partially hydrolyzed whey protein that helps glucose clear the bloodstream more efficiently and quickly, giving you a longer-lasting energy curve while you train.

Whether taken to recover, carb-load for competition, or to regain energy if you’re just feeling depleted, PROGENEX Build is essential. For daily use, take 1–2 servings post-workout. You can drink it alone or mix it with a More Muscle or Recovery shake — mix it with belgian chocolate for a delectable chocolate sweet potato pie taste experience. For competitions, take 1 serving the night before, 1–2 servings 2 hours before competition, 1–2 servings an hour before competitions, and 1–2 servings post-competition.

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PROGENEX Build is the best carbohydrate supplement to aid endurance without bloating or depletion after exercise.


Omega is a necessary nutrient that we get from many sources, such as fish, nuts, spinach and eggs. It helps reduce joint stiffness, lower bad cholesterol, improve eye health, and even increase mental focus. But as with other natural sources, we often don’t get enough to see any real improvements, which is why there are a myriad of Omega supplements on the market today. However, most of them use regular fish oil, which is good, but not great.

PROGENEX Omega uses the best krill oil, which offers all the benefits of fish oil but without the disadvantages. Krill oil benefits are far superior to traditional fish oil. The omega 3s in krill oil are easier to absorb into your body and are water-dispersible, unlike fish oil that has to pass through your small intestine to be emulsified before any cellular absorption can occur. Basically, the omega 3s in Omega don’t need to be digested before they can enter your body’s cells, giving you an immediate supply of EPA and DHA. Plus, you don’t have to deal with those nasty fish burps.


PROGENEX Omega benefits include:


When you exercise, you get thirsty. And that can take a toll on you both physically and mentally. That’s why, whether you are planning an intense workout or just regular daily activity, the importance of hydration is essential. And when you’re exercising, you get more thirsty than normal, which in turn makes you more tired. PROGENEX Hype helps your body fight the thirst and fatigue that so often comes with physical exercise. It does this by:

  • Providing valuable energy to muscles
  • Preventing central fatigue in the nervous system

Both of these things are accomplished through Hype’s awesome Fatigue Fighter Peptides. These are high in large neutral amino acids (LNAAs), which reduce drowsiness and the feeling of fatigue. This is because, when you exercise, your brain takes on an amino acid called tryptophan, which will make you feel like you are tired before your body actually is.

So what makes Hype different from the other hydration supplements out there? It’s those LNAAs. Many sports drinks contain BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), as they can aid in muscle endurance and energy. But only the specific LNAAs found in Hype are able to provide you with lowering tryptophan to combat fatigue. This was proven in a study where participants performed significantly better with that specific blend of LNAAs, when compared with the placebo (Mittleman et al.).

Another thing that makes Hype special is that it is able to accomplish all of this without the use of stimulants like caffeine.

Read more about science behind HYPE.

PROGENEX Hype is the only product that will help clear your mind, rehydrate, and fight fatigue at the source.



You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve got, so do what it takes to keep it! Progenex SUSTA!N uses the most effective, efficient and clean whey protein isolate available and combines it into a tasty shake that you’ll crave all day long. Did we mention there's no added sugar?

Progenex SUSTA!N uses a proprietary cross-flow, microfiltered whey protein isolate, where sweet dairy whey is gently filtered and concentrated without the use of chemicals. This yields a high level of undenatured whey protein, which is virtually lactose-free. The process leaves valuable bioactive components intact and creates a superior-quality whey protein isolate. QUALITY, CLEAN & COMPLETE PROTEIN