Female Force: How Women Can Benefit From Pre Workout Supplements

Sometimes the most difficult rep isn’t the last one in your set; it’s the first one. It can be hard to generate the drive and determination to get going on an intense workout regimen. That’s why pre-workout energy powders have become so popular with athletes. With vital nutrients such as creatine, BCAAs, and other amino acids, effective pre-workout options give your body the ready-to-use fuel and building blocks it needs to go longer and harder, and recover more quickly. And, by including stimulants such as caffeine, L-Citrulline, and Beta-Alanine they also help give you the energy boost you need to get started.

But while pre-workout supplements are widely incorporated into many athletes’ regimens, not everyone at the gym is sure that a pre-workout drink is right for them. Specifically, there are some who have concerns about pre-workout supplements for women.

Are Pre-workout Supplements Safe for Women?

Pre-workout supplements for women — are they safe? Are they beneficial? These are questions that some female exercise enthusiasts grapple with. After all, (physically speaking) men and women have a different chemical makeup, and it’s no secret that many bodybuilding products are designed more with male athletes in mind than female. Pre-workout supplements, the argument goes, could potentially fall into that category, and may even be detrimental to female exercisers, right?


While it’s true that the bodies of men and women have different chemical needs, when we talk about pre-workout supplements for women we’re not talking about loading female athletes up with testosterone or some other masculine hormone; we’re talking about giving female athletes nutrients, bcaa’s, and energy boosts designed to help them get more out of their workout. And, as luck would have it, women’s muscles operate on the same basic mechanics as men’s, so if it’s good for the gander, it’s good for the goose. Who would have thought?

At the same time, women who worry that a pre-workout powder will turn them into hulk-esque towers of meat and muscle are forgetting that supplements without the right amount of exercise aren’t going to produce results. If you want to get swole, then by all means a decent pre-workout supplement and a whole lot of bodybuilding can help you achieve that goal, but you’re not going to accidentally get there without intentionally working for it. It’s not supersurem, after all.

Benefits of Female Pre Workout

In fact, more than just being OK for women to use, pre-workout energy powders are essential factors in ensuring that female athletes get the most out of their workout. Here’s why:

  1. Better Weight Loss
    We wish it weren’t so, but the truth is that women gain weight more easily than men, and they have more difficulty dropping it, too. But even so, calorie burning is still at the heart of weight loss — male or female. Pre-workout supplements help boost workout effectiveness, allow for increased workout duration, and make it possible (thanks to faster muscle recovery) to get more workouts in. That means more calories burned faster, and thus better weight loss for women.

  2. Enhanced Metabolism
    It’s not always just about what food you take in and what energy you put out; it’s also about how your body uses its fuel resources. We’re talking about metabolism, and from woman to woman, rates can vary significantly. That means that if you have a slow metabolism, it could take longer for you to burn calories and build muscle than women with faster metabolisms. Effective pre-workout supplements for women can help boost resting metabolism, evening the playing field and giving you what you need to get more out of your exercises.

  3. Improved Focus
    Whether you’re male or female, pre-workout supplements can help your retain high levels of concentration. Is concentration important during a workout? Well, that all depends on your goals and your routine. If you’re doing complex workouts then concentration will help limit your risk of injury and ensure that you’re staying on task. But the real benefit of improved focus comes after your workout. Sure, regular, intense exercise improves your ability to concentrate over time, but it’s not uncommon for athletes to experience difficulty focusing directly following a strenuous workout. Stimulants in pre-workout supplements can help you maintain that concentration throughout your regimen and beyond.

  4. Reduced soreness
    Most people are happy enough getting in their first workout when starting a new regimen; it’s the second workout that sucks. Muscle soreness, thanks to the microscopic damage caused to muscle tissue, can really end up ruining your workout momentum. The good news is that women can cut down on soreness by giving their muscles ready-to-use nutrients to rebuild that damaged tissue. The BCAAs (specifically Citrulline) present in effective pre-workout energy powders get muscles recovering quickly, cutting down on soreness and getting you back to full power as quickly as possible.

  5. Upgraded energy
    To amend the old saying, it takes energy to make energy. If you want to enjoy quick, noticable gains, you need to be able to put in the energy to sustain intense, consistent workouts. Pre-workout supplements give women increased endurance, stamina, and strength, for forceful exercise that produces real results.

Individual ingredients in pre-workout products that will benefit you.

  1. Creatine: A pre-workout powder that contains creatine will help increase your strength and power. Creatine is an important part of the energy production systems inside your cells, therefore, is a great workout energizer. It is safe to consume and is one of the most researched ingredient out there.
  2. Beta-Alanine: Beta-alanine is an amino acid that helps fight muscle fatigue. This ingredient helps improve concentration in the body. And it specifically helps improve performance during intense exercise lasting one to four minutes at a time. Make sure your pre-workout drink has this ingredient in it if you’re looking to go ramp up your intensity.
  3. Citrulline: Citrulline is another amino acid but is produced naturally in the body. However, our body sometime needs a little help in getting more of this so consuming citrulline from foods or supplements can help. By doing this, your exercise performance will benefit because Citrulline helps increase your blood flow to body tissues. It helps supply your exercising muscles with the oxygen and nutrients needed to perform well. Look to see if your pre-workout drink has this specific key ingredient in it so you can get the best out of your workout.
  4. Caffeine: Caffeine is a natural workout energizer. It’s found in coffee, tea, and other foods and beverages. A pre-workout drink that contains caffeine will stimulate certain parts of your brain to increase alertness and make you feel less tired. To increase your focus in workouts, grab a pre-workout energy powder that contains at least 100 mg caffeine.
  5. Nitrate: Nitrates are found in vegetables like spinach, beetroot, and turnips. You’re body also produces small amounts of nitrates. This ingredient is important because it is beneficial for exercise performance. It’s converted into a molecule called nitric oxide, which can increase blood flow. Many endurance athletes take nitric oxide booster supplements because improves performance and decreasing the amount of oxygen needed during exercise. Check to see if your pre-workout powder has this ingredient in it. A simple oxide booster (nitric oxide) might do wonders for your training.


Brute Force

Progenex Force turns pre-workout into a science. Delivering improved energy and stamina, this pre-workout supplement manages to incorporate all of the essential nutrients and amino acids your body needs to enjoy optimal returns on your workout investment. And thanks to Force’s whey peptide Surge NOS Activator, you’ll also benefit from improved blood flow, meaning better oxygen and nutrient transport. And thanks to the low caffeine dose in every serving, you’ll be able to work out with intensity, while still being able to sleep soundly once it’s time for bed.

Check out Progenex to learn more about Progenex Force, including nutrition facts, servings per container, and user reviews.

Bottom line: There are a number of advantages to using pre-workout supplements, and women can benefit from pre-workout just as readily as men. That said, there are some additional advantages associated with pre-workout supplements for women, so before you hit the gym, hit some Progenex Force, and give yourself the boost you need to hit the ground running (and keep running) every time.

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