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PROGENEX Amplitude is a creatine monohydrate specifically formulated for maximum uptake and rapid absorption. Unlike other creatine products, these unique creatine peptides are tasteless and mix well with other solutions. No grainy texture, no bitter taste - just high-quality creatine monohydrate in a micronized peptide form that mixes well with your favorite PROGENEX shake, delivering rapid, real results. When used in conjunction with heavy training, our specially formulated creatine peptides lead to significant gains in lean muscle mass, strength, performance, power and muscular diameter.

So, what makes Amplitude special?

While the scientific community agrees that creatine can be an amazing product, athletes often find it has real issues with solubility and digestibility. If you’ve used creatine before, you probably noticed small, bitter grains at the bottom of your drink. These grains are a result of less-soluble creatine. Add up all of those grains over time and you’re missing out on substantial amounts of creatine in your muscles.

Many creatine products on the market today offer creatine that is not easily absorbed by your body. This means that you’re paying for creatine to pass through your digestive system without finding their home in your muscle tissue where it’s needed.

Knowing how to take creatine properly is an essential part of getting the most out of it. PROGENEX Amplitude uses our specially formulated creatine micronized peptides for maximum uptake and rapid absorption. Unlike other products, our creatine is tasteless and mixes well with other solutions. No grainy texture, no bitter taste—just a high-quality creatine monohydrate in a micronized peptide form that mixes well with your favorite PROGENEX shake, delivering real rapid results.

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How does it work?

When you engage in high-intensity exercise, your muscles rely on the availability of phosphocreatine in order to resynthesize ATP - a coenzyme which transports cellular energy. As you do rep after rep, the phosphocreatine stored in your muscles is used, diminishing available energy and the ability to resynthesize ATP. In short, you lose the ability to maintain maximal effort. Therefore, by fueling your body with a creatine monohydrate supplement, like PROGENEX Amplitude, you will be able to train harder resulting in increased muscular strength, power, and body mass.

How to use:

Add one scoop PROGENEX Amplitude to your favorite flavor of PROGENEX More Muscle or PROGENEX Recovery shake, post-workout. Shake until blended.


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David H.
United States

Exactly what I wanted, when I needed it most

Within a week of using Amplitude, I got the results I so desperately needed... both my attitude and performance were in a slump, so naturally my nutrition followed on that downward spiral. Amplitude gave me the boost I needed to get back in the gym and give the extra performance I needed to start seeing the results that keep me coming back for more! Mixes amazingly with more muscle/recovery without ever leaving a grainy last sip or aftertaste!!!

David H. verified customer review of Amplitude
United States

Very Good

It tastes terrible by itself but when added to your favorite drink it seems to be doing the trick! I haven't had enough time to really see the results, however. Also, the service was lighting fast. I had it WAY before I was supposed to get it. Thanks!

Katherine C.
United States

Great product-pure!

Effective, while being easy on the tummy! I love that this is unflavored so I can throw it in with my force pre-workout supplement. I would highly recommend!

Ike U.
United States

Best creatine hands down!!

Overall this is the best creatine if you like getting stronger, feeling good about training without feeling fat or bloated.

Kyle R.
United States

Love Amplitude

Been using it for several months now