No pre-workout product compares to PROGENEX Force

Force is a pre-workout product designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are keen on maximizing their performance, not a pump while they do curls in front of the mirror. Not only does Force check all the boxes for key ingredients, it uses the most advanced forms available of those ingredients. The citrulline used in Force is no exception.

Citrulline is a spectacular ingredient, many people aren’t familiar with it. Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid produced naturally in the body and also found in foods such as melons. It has gained widespread recognition in the sports nutrition field because of the role it plays in facilitating the elimination of ammonia. Because ammonia accumulation in the blood and tissues has been shown to block cellular energetic processes, buffering against its production and facilitating its elimination through citrulline supplementation is of utmost importance for individuals seeking to achieve optimal athletic performance.

Citrulline anti-fatiguing properties were reason enough to include it in our list of PROGENEX Force ingredients. But impressively enough, Citrulline has also been shown to:


Force uses a citrulline that is whey peptide-bound to increase its bioavailability. A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of this advanced citrulline versus the raw citrulline typically used in other products. The study evaluated brachial artery diameter and blood flow volume from 30 to 126 minutes post-supplementation and found that the vessel diameter % change was nearly double at every measured interval and that the blood flow volume during exercise was significantly higher with the citrulline peptide.

With PROGENEX Force you not only get great ingredients such as Citrulline, you get them in a form that’s been shown to significantly increase the vasodilation and blood flow to skeletal muscle during exercise over standard citrulline ingredients.

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