1. Relax. Pick either Friday or Saturday night to go out, and spend another evening staying home with friends.

2. Don’t live for the weekends. Studies show people who are stressed at work tend to be much happier on the weekend. So don’t only look forward to Saturday and Sunday; try to spread out the joy and plan something fun during the week, like a hike with pals.

3. Balanced sleep. Who can resist sleeping till noon? But instead of waking up just in time for lunch, try sticking to the same sleep schedule all week to feel rested and energized all week long. If you suffer from insomnia or you find yourself tossing and turning all night, don’t stress Progenex has you covered! Simply place 1-2 scoops of Cocoon into your favorite mug with hot water, mix, sip and dream sweet.

4. Prep on Sunday night. Lay out the Monday morning outfit and pack a good lunch the night before—eliminating any stress in the A.M. which will make Monday’s a lot more tolerable.

5. Don’t skip breakfast. Boost your metabolism and jump-start the day with a hearty breakfast shake. 2 scoops of More Muscle will do the trick, blend with fruits and nut butters for extra hardiness. Morning hunger crankiness is the last thing anyone wants to deal with.

6. Hit the gym. We all know that exercise amps up endorphin levels, so try getting in an early morning exercise to start the day off right even if its only 10 minutes.

7. Smile! Smile in the shower, flash a smirk to your bus driver, and show those pearly whites to the whole office. Be a positive vibe worrier!

8. Take small breaks throughout the day. Don’t stay glued to the cubicle all day. Take a walk to get some fresh air and avoid eating lunch at the desk. Mini breaks are a great way to reduce stress especially on a Monday morning.

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