Sweet & Simple Yet Quite Complex

In a muscle-building, strength-gaining world, it’s no secret that protein is the favorite son, getting ample time in the spotlight. But when it comes to igniting long-lasting energy to support your workout or outdoor adventures, quality carbs are king.

Along with a cutting-edge delivery system, PROGENEX Build contains both quick-acting and long-chain carbohydrates to provide you with a faster, longer lasting energy curve to power both your activities and recovery.

Sweet & Simple Yet Quite Complex

Not all carbs are created equal. BUILD’s scientifically supported formulation blends two natural carbohydrate sources: honey and sweet potato powder. Honey is mostly a simple sugar that is delivered quickly into the muscle and sweet potato powder contains long-chain carbohydrate polymers. Why two, different carbohydrate sources? The simple sugar molecules of honey are rapidly delivered to your muscles for quick energy while the complex carbohydrates of sweet potato powder provide sustained endurance. The two carbohydrates combined provide two methods for glucose to enter the bloodstream and deliver an optimal glycemic index throughout your workout.

The Details are in the Delivery

Sustainable energy is a key component to exercise and how you receive that source of energy into your system can make all the difference.


Because carbs are only as good as their ability to enter and fuel your muscles, Build contains EngineX™, a cutting-edge delivery system that binds fenugreek actives with dairy peptones. Together, these two ingredients ensure quick clearance of blood sugar from Build’s carbohydrate sources into your muscles.

Traditionally used as a medicine for sexual dysfunction, fenugreek is an herb indigenous to India and North Africa and has been shown to increase testosterone levels and enhance both libido and athletic performance.

One study appearing in the “International Journal of Sport Nutrition” in 2010 evaluated the effects of two enzymes present in fenugreek (aromatase and 5α-reductase) on 30 resistance-trained men. Either supplemented with a placebo or 500mg of fenugreek extract once per day during an eight-week period, the men participated in an exercise regime four days per week. The researchers monitored the participants’ maximum bench and leg press, body composition, and muscle endurance. At the end of the two-month trial, the researchers concluded that those taking the fenugreek supplement experienced significantly improved performance in weightlifting, reduced body fat, and increased testosterone levels. (Wilborn et al., 2010)

Another study appearing in October of the same year evaluated the effects of fenugreek on muscle strength, body composition, power output and hormonal profiles. Forty-nine resistance-trained men were supplemented with either 500 mg of fenugreek extract or a placebo during an eight-week trial period. During this time, they were lead in a training program four days per week composed of two upper- and two lower-extremity workouts per week. The results: 500 mg of daily fenugreek supplementation “significantly affected percent body fat, total testosterone, and bioavailable testosterone compared with a placebo in a double-blind fashion.” (Poole et al.)


PROGENEX Build also includes a revolutionary peptide, Shuttle™, that optimizes the use of blood glucose for energy and muscle glycogen. Made of partially hydrolyzed whey protein, these peptides help glucose clear the blood stream quickly thus creating a faster, longer-lasting energy curve to support your workout.

In a paper published in 2009, Anssi H. Manninen summarized many supporting studies illustrating the advantages of hydrolyzed protein isolates over intact protein isolates. Referencing a study by Morifuji et. al that tested the effects of protein hydrolysate ingestion on muscle glycogen resynthesis in male rats versus intact protein isolates, he stated:

Immediately after the glycogen-depleting exercise, male Sprague-Dawley rats were given either glucose alone, glucose plus whey protein, glucose plus whey protein hydrolysate, glucose plus casein hydrolysate or glucose plus branched-chain amino acid (BCAA). The results revealed that whey protein hydrolysate ingestion induced significant increases in skeletal muscle glycogen levels compared with other protein sources or BCAA.

Thus, whey protein hydrolysate appears to enhance the effects of carbohydrate ingestion on postexercise muscle glycogen resynthesis.

Supercharge Your System

With 5g of high-quality Shuttle™ protein peptides, replete with some of the most potent energy sources available, and formulated with a cutting-edge delivery system, Build may be the secret weapon to your fitness gains. Whether taken to recover, carb-load for competition, or to regain energy if you’re just feeling depleted, Build can help.

Just ask a few recent Build users:

Ready to regulate energy and build endurance like never before? Get Build today!

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