Tuesday's w/ Jeremy - Episode 2

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On this week's episode of Tuesday’s w/ Jeremy, we talk about PROGENEX Recovery.

What is PROGENEX Recovery

Recovery is the bedrock of our company and is the most crucial supplement for anyone that works out or has a training regimen.

PROGENEX Recovery uses the highest quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolate for quicker regeneration of muscle tissue. Studies have shown that those who use whey protein hydrolysates recover not only more quickly, but also recover much stronger than those who do not.

After a workout, your body goes into protein synthesis, more commonly known as the anabolic window. There are two different ways in which your protein can fall short during this window.

  1. Lack of Lucene sugar
    1. Lucene sugar is known to kickstart your muscle building/rebuilding process. If your protein lacks Lucene, you will not be able to experience full protein synthesis. All PROGENEX products are high in this ingredient giving you better results.
  2. Slow absorption rate
    1. How much of your protein can your body actually absorb? How much does it actually oxidize? The more your body can synthesize the protein it’s taking in, the more it will be able to use for muscle building and recovery. PROGENEX Recovery is a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate making it the best for protein oxidization compared to just a whey protein concentrate or a whey protein isolate.

PROGENEX Recovery filtration process

There are two types of protein

  1. Whey protein concentrate - 50-80% will be protein
  2. Whey protein isolate - 90-95% will be protein

These proteins are the baseline for Recovery except we filter it even more. We push it through processes called micro and ultrafiltration to further remove lactose.

We’ll start with a liquid sweet whey. Then micronize that protein into very small peptide sequences; di and tri peptide molecules. We then take the result of that micronization and add stomach acids to help break down the protein even more so that your body won’t have to post-workout. It will skip the GI tract, go straight through the intestinal wall, and right into the bloodstream giving your body exactly what it needs at exactly the right moment.

This process gives you the most easily digestible protein in the world giving you better muscle recovery and growth.

Watch the full video above to learn more details about our Recovery product and how it is specifically formulated for you.

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  • There is a ton of good science in this video and post… but you mentioned that if you were starting someone out on Progenex products you would start them out with Recovery. In layman’s terms, why? Why is this good for someone who has never really taken a protein supplement before and is doing CrossFit 4x a week and rucking 1-2x a week?

    Malcolm on

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