Billy Jurevich – Motocross

“I started racing when I was 10 years old. I turned pro when I was 16.” – Billy Jurevich

Motocross athlete and coach (not to mention full time police officer) Billy Jurevich has been competing in the sport since 2001, when he was named AMA Arenacross Rookie of the Year. Most recently, he won the 2015 World Games and the Fire and Police Motocross Championship. He has also been busy training up and comers like Trevor Raisbeck and Dusty Pipes with huge success.

Most would think that training for professional motocross would include a ton of hours just logged in the dirt on the bike. Many would assume the diet would be made up of energy drinks and beef jerky. These days – most would be dead wrong.

Billy tells us that in order to stay competitive and healthy in such a physically demanding sport – there has to be a lot of work done off of the moto track.

“The importance of off of the bike fitness training has absolutely grown in the past 5 years. Riding a dirt bike isn’t just sitting down and letting the bike do all the work like most people think it is, its a combination of both endurance and strength. Racing motocross / super cross is arguably the most physically demanding sport in the world, you have to have the strength of a weight lifter and the endurance of a cyclist.”

And it doesn’t end there. The days of energy drinks and drive thru taco stops are gone.

“Nutrition plays a huge part in moto because of how demanding the sport is. You must be prepared for every race by having a proper diet and the right supplements. Just like a race motor for a bike, you need to give your body the proper fuel to endure the amount of stress we put our bodies through. Taking care of your body throughout the day is just as important as well, and that is where having the proper recovery supplements is beneficial so you can be re-fueled for the next race.”

We asked Billy to give us a run down of his day. We wanted to see how this full time police officer finds time for training and how he stays fueled for such a demanding sport:

0600: Get up, drink 32oz of water and some coffee or tea. I usually don’t eat much before a morning workout, just a lot of fluids.
0700: Usually at the CrossFit Ranch and Kenny Castro has something in store for us. I try and use this morning time for a conditioning workout or a 20-30 mile road bike ride. We try to keep our workouts toward the 12min+ range and keep the weight to where we can pound out multiple reps. Mass and motocross do not go hand and hand. A motocross bike is heavy, but you are throwing that thing around for over 30min+ sometimes. Endurance should be the main focus, but strength can’t be overlooked. Legs and core are the foundation for us and we build from there.
0800ish: Usually drink some Progenex Recovery at this time. I eat some protein pancakes (2 eggs, tablespoon of peanut butter, and a ripe banana all mixed together). 
0900: off to work. Drinking water non stop while driving.
1200: Lunch. Usually try to eat a well balanced meal with no artificial nonsense. May mix a More Muscle shake and I try to stick with chicken/fish and some vegetables. I may eat a little starch, but I’m already big for a motocrosser, so I need to watch my caloric intake, as well as starchy foods.
1300-2000: Work time = search warrants and trying to catch bad guys.
2000: I usually try to squeeze in a 4-5 mile run. For dinner I light up the BBQ pit and it’s always BBQ chicken/fish/steak with a different veggie. I try to avoid a lot of starches for dinner. I take another dose of recovery at this time.
2230: Cocoon and bedtime.

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