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In 2016, only a week after competing in Dallas, Texas, I became pregnant with my 3rd child. I felt like I was in the best shape I had ever been in. I was very intrigued to see how this pregnancy would go compared to my others, since my exercise routine changed after my second child.

I immediately set goals of staying very active and fit during my pregnancy, so I could get back to doing what I love as fast as I could, and to have a quick recovery. Since I had been training a lot before I got pregnant my body was able to keep doing things I didn’t think I would be able to during pregnancy.

I never allowed the excuse “oh I’m pregnant” stop me from training and pushing through workouts.

I was smart and listened to my body, but most the time I felt great and was able to continue doing what I would have done not pregnant. So to all the women out there that want to have a fit pregnancy, start being active and workout prior to getting pregnant. Starting healthy is a huge advantage; that way working out during your pregnancy you’ll be able to do more and feel better doing it.

I noticed when I did miss a day of working out I felt a lot worse.

Staying active gave me more energy and just made my overall body and being feel much better. I was able to work out up to just a day or two before I delivered. I had to scale some workouts and cut out some movements but for the most part I was able to train very similar to the way I did prior to being pregnant.

There are always options for some kind of activity. It was really fun to see how much I could continue to do throwout my pregnancy and to see that I didn’t have to set to many limitations.

I learned how strong I can be mentally and physically while carrying a child. I truly believe the healthier you are the healthier your child is going to be.

While I was pregnant I really believe Progenex products played a big role in keeping me going strong. I loved that everything I used prior to pregnancy I was able to continue to use during pregnancy. I used More Muscle daily while pregnant and post baby as well. Protein is sometimes hard to fit into my daily diet, so I love this product. It makes it easy for me to get more protein in a fast, easy, and delicious way.

And then of course the Recovery, which I used during and post baby. I know this has helped my body recover strong after working out. Training hard and nursing a baby I know I need to make sure I get the right nutrition.

So having these Progenex options has helped so much!

I have been amazed at how quickly I was able to bounce back after this baby. I feel like every aspect of recovery was so much faster and better with this child, and I know that it was from the way I continued to live my daily life of working out and making sure I recovered the proper way from supplements. Life has definitely changed for me adding a newborn into my already busy mom life. Being healthy and active is something I feel is one of the best things I can do for my kids and myself.

There are so many excuses that can be used during and after pregnancy about not staying active or eating healthy, but that is something I pride myself on. I’m so glad I have chosen to live a healthy and active life style. I know it makes me a better mom and hopefully will influence my children to do the same.

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